Long Tail Keywords in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Long Tail Keywords are search phrases with three, four or more words. Such length makes search more specific which visitor or customer wants to buy, surf, install, view or watch. Also, such specific search phrases can be helpful to generate genuine organic traffic from National & International etc. markets so before implementing, perfect & professional research, skills & experiences also make sense.

For example, either using voice search or text query:

a) If someone across the Globe searches on Youtube, iphone product photography using gimbal, then following video may be listed in top results:

b) If someone across the Globe searches on Google, Game App Marketing Video Tutorials, then following landing page(s) may be listed in top pages:


c) If someone across the Globe searches on Play Store, Tourism Game App, then following App may be listed in top pages to install:


Note: Due to my own created & developed qualitative, comprehensive, useful & valuable productivity, my many projects & products are listing in top pages at many places even with very common keywords so such strategy also makes sense even if how many more legal & illegal attacks are used & creating few more problems.